New York Public Library Lion
One of the lions outside the NYPL's main branch
NYPL logo
Identity derived from the iconic library lion
NYPL banner system
NYPL banner system
Logo bookbags for sale at checkout counters
NYPL logo bookdrop
NYPL logo bookdrop
NYPL logo banner
NYPL branch banner


NYPL website
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UpRoar Magazine
UpRoar Magazine
Library Lions Identity

The New York Public Library Brand Identity

Building a successful brand identity requires more than just a logo. The Library needed a versatile, contemporary identity system to coincide with it’s changing role in the community and to remain relevant in today’s world of information. I joined the library to help the art department in refining Marc Blaustein’s redesign of the the Library’s lion; and to give the Library a brand with a strong enough voice to remain cohesive across various forms of media.

Brand New’s best new identity
The process
NYPL old logo
The old logo
NYPL logo process
Drawing from the lion statue
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