Super Bolw XLVIII logo design
George Washington Bridge
George Washington Bridge
Superbowl 48 letter system
Super Bowl 48 Pattern
Super Bowl 48 Times Square
Vehicle Wraps and Billboards
Super Bowl 48 Design
Various Signage and Metro Cards

Super Bowl VLVIII

Super Bowl 48 was a game of firsts. The first cold weather game played in a stadium without a roof, and the first to be hosted by two states, NY and NJ. In creating the visual identity for the game, we looked to the things that united the two states so they could stand as one. The George Washington Bridge and the illuminated signs of NYC at night became the visual inspiration underpinning the graphic elements created for this iconic event.


Shandon Melvin


Apolllo Bey

Simi Mahtani

Chris Stackhouse


Allison Harrell

Esther Nisanova

design collateral

Event strategy, digital and print design.

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