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Custom WordPress site featuring user centric software packages
EquipmentWatch Website Dictionary
Interior page, fully responsive and custom coded.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Logo Design

EquipmentWatch Logo
Cog wheel
The cog wheel is what drives heavy equipment.
EquipmentWatch Cog Symbol

Software Design

EquipmentWatch Software UI
Refined software user interface (UI)

Customer Personas

Equipment Manager Package
Insurance Package
Finance Package

Customer reception has been nothing but positive. Our inbound demo requests have doubled overnight. There’s also been a profound effect internally – people are proud of our brand and website in a noticeable way. Just a great ride so far.

Greg Lutz

Director of Marketing


EquipmentWatch is a company with an incredible amount of data on heavy equipment; what they needed was a meaningful way to deliver that data to their customers. A complete overhaul of their brand didn’t make social media likes; it created tangible business success.


Creative direction, wordpress development, software UI, brand strategy, brand experience.

EquipmentWatch started with an overwhelming number of individual, specialized software products. Customers could pick and choose to assemble the product subscription that they thought they needed. Their software interface and the marketing material did not instill a sense of expertise.

We identified their core customer types and how to best make an emotional connection with them. Then we assembled their products into distinct, persona based software packages, with custom tailored product information to ensure maximum relevance. This allows for quick client self identification, and makes the daunting decision of what to buy so much easier.

We created a new brand persona that connotes quality and reliability. The new marketing materials connote legitimacy and expertise. A refined user interface for the software, with consistent branding across all touch points ensures a great brand experience for every client.

The result was so much more than just gaining social media followers. The result was unprecedented customer conversion and acquisition, record breaking profits, and massive ROI.

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