100 Year Archive

Print Collateral

Aviation Week Centennial Cover
Aviation Week Centennial Cover
Aviation Week Boeing Centennial Advertising
Archive advertising campaign

Event Design

Boeing interactive kiosk
Aviation Week & Boeing Kiosk design

Digital Media

Aviation Week Archive website design
Aviation Week website design for promotion and lead generation
Aviation Week Boeing interactive kiosk design
Boeing interactive app design for kiosks
Aviation Week Responsive Email Campaign
Responsive email campaign

Aviation Week + Boeing Centennial Archive

Aviation Week is the premier aviation publication that Penton has leveraged into a global network of data products for the global aviation industry.

We partnered with Boeing to digitize 100 years of Aviation Week magazines into a fully indexed, searchable, online repository. This campaign created a visual language for the archive and promoted it in order to reach new customers.

design collateral

Creative direction, website development, interactive app design, print campaign, magazine/editorial design.

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